Clear Out the Clutter
Modernize Your International Payment Communications
Join Dr. Leo Lipis for this live webinar to learn why, as international business speeds up, the need for streamlined payment solutions is more important than ever.

Helping You Stay Informed
This webinar will discuss:
  • multi-platform, cross-channel corporate to business communication platforms such as EBICS, and
  • the use of SWIFT CGI messaging standards for corporate-to-bank communications.
Challenges Addressed
On a broader level, developments within SEPA and the regulatory implications of the Payment Services Directive II are challenging legacy European payment processes and are changing the way we do business internationally. SEPA has far reaching effects on corporate business standards and practices.

Who Should Attend

If you are a multinational organization doing business around the world, these developments will impact you on a wide range of issues from payment submission formats to fees and opportunities or operational savings.

The corporate payments world is unifying and will not tolerate messy, outdated solutions….It’s time to clear out the clutter!
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Online Webinar | Wednesday, October 23 | 3:00 pm EDT;  2:00 pm CDT;  12:00 noon PDT
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